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People are overwhelmed with the amount of advertising information that bombards them daily on TV, computers and mobile devices. The overload of hundreds of messages a day motivates one to filter ads on television (by watching recorded shows), radio (channel flipping or listening to subscription music-only channels), deleting website ads and email. Outdoor advertising, (billboards), is on 24/7/365 and in obvious places along roadways and walkways, often when people are less distracted by their e-gadgets.

Given all inventions of modern media, outdoor advertising signs have reached new technological peeks and attract a broader audience range than ever before. Several advantages occur when utilizing outdoor advertising agencies to develop an outdoor marketing campaign.

24 Hours A Day
Advertising anything outdoors means continual (cannot change channel or turn off /delete) exposure to the public eye. Outdoor advertising signs are consistent and non-stop always in sight for the public eye. Radio, television, and print ads and most other media are all momentary and sporadic.

Across the spectrum, outdoor is the most affordable venue of marketing compared to any other advertising media with lowest cost per thousand impressions.  Large corporations or conglomerates utilize the full range of outlets including print, TV, radio, mailers, and billboards. Due to its efficiency (ability to target market) and extreme affordability, statistics have shown that 80 percent of small business utilize outdoor as its sole marketing method.When purchasing message in a newspaper, the ad may be competing with up to 200 other vendors in the same publication which ultimately gets thrown away.  Buying ads on radio or TV quickly gets expensive as multiple spots must be purchased across time slots in a day and on multiple channels in order effectively deliver message to target audience.    A small business marketing budget, that may be expended in short period of time by TV, print and/or radio, can be stretched over a year with outdoor billboards that stay “on” 7/365.

Attention Span / Competitiveness
As previously commented, amidstthe plethora and bombardment of media including internet, radio, and TV, it is difficult for the human mind to focus on multiple messages at a given time.In contrast an outdoor advertising bulletin is competition free as sole focus of the eye for that space of time.

The majority of humans will quite naturally focus on an outdoor advertisement in comparison to the same ad in newspapers, on TV or on the radio. Stuck in traffic or waiting at the bus stop, most individuals are looking for something to pass time. The human eye will rapidly fixate on an outdoor ad sign to help pass time and avoid boredom. Thus said, positioning ads at bus stops, busy intersections and/or along highways prone to high volume can be ingenious.   That said this is where utilizing an experienced graphics artist becomes key to creating an effective memorable layout.  Think of classic ads as current and past from large companies to small business (Chick Filet,  Nike, Verizon, MacDonald’s, local business (think funeral home with the lady not wanting to be caught “dead” in that dress) and you begin to realize the craft of designing memorable layouts.   Billboard design  should rely on graphics images that provoke the viewer to reason through why such image is there.   Humor is especially effective (when appropriate) along with simple readable fonts (no thin script or italics), and vivid high contrasting colors for maximum eye readability.

Outdoor advertising can be located in any areas where it will most likely be effective. For example, a company selling holistic and whole foods, would be wise to place a mobile billboard at a Farmer’s Market. A new night club would be smart to select a location outside of a restaurant where early diners might be looking for after dinner entertainment. These same ads when in newspapers or on radio may be missed altogether by the ideal target audience.

State of The Art
The latest technology now available is such that can create incredibly eye-catching advertisements. Large format printers generate vibrant consistent imagery with inks formulated and applied to vinyl substrate materials designed to withstand the elements.

Vinyl can be relocated/re-posted to target a specific audience or left in one spot for 24/7 exposure. Outdoor marketing is flexible reaching a wide audience affordably in the shortest period of time.

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