Logan Outdoor Advertising, Inc. Provides the Following Services to Our Advertising Clients in Central Florida.

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Logan Outdoor provides static outdoor advertising billboard bulletin venue platform for installation of vinyl overlay.  Whether you are a veteran national name brand or client new to outdoor, we can assist from creating an eye catching layout for your advertising message to final installation.

An experienced artist, who understands billboard design as a unique medium, will customize your message with photos, logos, slogans with colors and fonts optimized for a successful viewing.   Often clients may attempt to transfer their “waiting room” pamphlet with pastel colors, illegible script fonts, and thesis long verbiage to a bulletin layout.  Successful messages incorporate interesting images, vivid colors to draw viewer’s eye, bold readable fonts, and simple message (few words).  It takes an artist experienced in billboard design to intuitively design for a large format eye catching image (thought provoking, humorous, etc.), with proper fonts, and arrangement of play on /use of words to maximum viewing readability and client branding.  Logan coordinates approved art upload for new and preexisting design, pre-press approval, vinyl production and installation posting of vinyl overlay.  See additional information regarding successful message layouts under “Tips for Billboard Design”.

Billboard AdvertisingDrive down the highway and you’re likely to see some of the hottest billboard advertisements in Tampa Bay.  Billboard advertisements are ads to remember, can reach a vast demographic and help consumers to find businesses, services and organizations that we may not have otherwise known about. Unlike other types of advertisements that disappear on TV or radio or discarded, billboard ads stay working 7/365. Consumers have become desensitized to today’s bombardment TV, radio, newspaper, internet advertising, yet billboard advertising still packs a punch due to its unique venue. Big, bold and beautiful, outdoor advertisements help businesses find consumers. Whether you are an attorney, doctor, restaurant or amusement park, billboard ads can be the perfect alternative or addition to your current ad campaigns. At Logan Outdoor Advertising, we’re experts in helping you find the right location to display a creative and irresistible message.

Graphic Design Services –  Logan Outdoor Advertising offers graphic design services using the latest technology.  Let us create an eye-catching billboard for your business using big bold images, and creative copy.

Printing Services We coordinate production of your customize message from design to installation. For more information on how to get your outdoor advertising started, contact Logan Outdoor Advertising, Inc. today! Toll Free: 800-749-SIGN (7446) Local: 813-253-3367 E-mail us at

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